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Deep-Learning assisted Single-molecule Analysis

Deep-LASI (/dēp’lā-zē/) is a MATLAB program using Python libraries for the automatized analysis of multi-color single-molecule intensity trajectory. It provides tools for image processing, mapping and trace extraction, and comprises a collection of deep-learning methods to characterize single molecule data with up to 3 channels manually and in an automated fashion. Deep-LASI serves for:

  • Automated analysis of single-color data
  • Bleaching and blinking analysis
  • Single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer (smFRET) with 2 and 3 labels
  • Accurate FRET determination for up to 3 dyes
  • Automated trace extraction and sorting
  • Manual and automated kinetic analysis
  • Data representation via Histograms and TDPs
  • ... and many more ...
Deep-LASI is documented and openly accesible.
  • The software is hosted in a repository at Gitlab.
  • A documentation and tutorial are available at ReadTheDocs.
  • Test data sets are provided together with the publications at Zenodo.
For Getting started click HERE.

If you use Deep-LASI in your own work, please don't forget to cite the following papers:

Wanninger S*, Asaditouei P*, Bohlen J, Salem CB, Tinnefeld P, Ploetz Eo, Lamb DCo
Deep-LASI: Deep-Learning Assisted, Single-molecule Imaging analysis of multi-color DNA Origami structures. Nat. Commun. 2023, 14:6564. [doi link]
Asaditouei P*, Salem CB*, Wanninger S*, Ploetz Eo, Lamb DCo
Deep-LASI, Single Molecule Data Analysis Software. (Under review).

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