FAB Lab - Software

Actin Filament Dynamics

Scripts to analyze single actin filament dynamics TIRF experiments. Derived from work done in Don C Lamb's lab at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, in Munich Germany.

Filament analysis

-kymo2trace function converts a kymograph of a growing or shrinking filament into a change in length versus time trace.
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Drift detection and correction

-find_Drift takes a series of tiff frames (i.e. a movie) and uses autocorrelation to find x, y drift in the image.
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-fix_drift corrects for the drift found by find_drift program. It uses two inputs the raw movie and the drift file produced. It also requires a name for the corrected movie sequence. The size of the corrected movie will be n-1, as n is the number of frames in the original movie.
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