Open Positions

We are always looking for talented and motivated people that are interested in interdisciplinary research between biology, chemistry and physics. Contact Don Lamb if you are interested in a PostDoc, PhD, or undergraduate research possibilities. Postdoc applicants are encouraged to apply for funding (see list of fellowships below).

We are currently offering a

We are looking for talented student interested to do a Master thesis on

  1. 4c PIE-MFD spectroscopy. Contact: Simon Wanninger
  2. 3D Tracking of cellular transport in living cells. Contact: Frank Mieskes
  3. Live cell imaging using Raster-image correlation spectroscopy. Contact: Nader Danaf
  4. Label-free Correlation spectroscopy. Contact: Adrian Fuchs
  5. Microplastic analysis in tissue. Contact: Evelyn Ploetz
  6. Chemically sensitive single-molecule spectroscopy. Contact: Evelyn Ploetz

Selection of funding programmes for Postdocs

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