Theoretical Chemistry Group - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Group Members

Name E-Mail Phone Room
Head of group Prof. Dr. Christian Ochsenfeld christian.ochsenfeld[at] -77920 B5.002
Secretary Barbara Wutz barbara.wutz[at] -77921 B5.003
Scientific Staff Dr. Jörg Kussmann joerg.kussmann[at] -72440 B5.005
Dr. Daniel Graf daniel.graf[at] -77917 B5.004
PhD students
Maximilian Asbach maximilian.asbach[at] -72403 B5.014
Felix Bangerter felix.bangerter[at] -72405 B5.025
Viktoria Drontschenko viktoria.drontschenko[at] -72406 BZ5.001
Andreas Hulm andreas.hulm[at] -72402 B5.013
Yannick Lemke yannick.lemke[at] -72409 BZ5.014
Lu Liu lu.liu[at] -72437 B5.015
Alexandra Stan-Bernhardt alexandra.stan[at] -72402 B5.013
Judit Katalin Szántó katalin.szanto[at] -72404 B5.022
Lars Urban lars.urban[at] -72401 B5.012
Daniel Waldschmidt daniel.waldschmidt[at] -72401 B5.012

* Prefix number: +49 89 2180

Alumni of the Ochsenfeld Group

Junior Research Group Leaders:

PhD students and Postdocs:

Master/diploma students:

Bachelor students:
  • Liubov Glinkina
  • Dieu Linh Nguyen
  • Fabian Eisenstein
  • Matthias Loipersberger
  • Katharina Braunger
  • Leonhard Kick