Open Positions

We are always looking for talented and motivated people that are interested in interdisciplinary research between biology, chemistry and physics. Contact Don Lamb if you are interested in a PostDoc, PhD, or undergraduate research possibilities. Postdoc applicants are encouraged to apply for funding (see list of fellowships below).

We are currently offering two PhD positions on

We are looking for talented student interested to do a Master thesis on

  1. Deep-Learning assisted single-molecule imaging. Contact: Simon Wanninger
  2. Multi-color PIE-MFD spectroscopy. Contact: Ecenaz Bilgen
  3. Probing DNA origami structures via smFRET. Contact: Pooyeh Asadi
  4. Live cell imaging using Raster-image correlation spectroscopy. Contact: Irene Gialdini
  5. Label-free Correlation spectroscopy. Contact: Evelyn Ploetz
  6. Water uptake in porous materials. Contact: Fabian Knechtel
  7. Raman-Spectroscopy in MOFs Contact: Jonas Tittel

Selection of funding programmes for Postdocs

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