Pharmaceutical Technology Chair of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Winter - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy


mVROC viscosimeter (RheoSense Inc.):

For viscosity measurement with a low volume consumption (V = 50- 100 µl).
Viscosity is a key parameter for high concentrated protein formulations or polymer solutions.

Zetasizer Nano ZS (Malvern Instruments)

Particle size measurement by dynamic light scattering (nanometer to low micrometer range).
Analysis of zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility using electrophoretic light scattering.

Headspace Karl- Fischer- Titrator (Analytik Jena):

Detemination of chemically bounded and free water in materials (water range: 0.01- 100 mg).
Key instrument to track the residual moisture in spray- dried or lyophilized formulations.

LA-950 Laser Particle Size Analyzer (Horiba)

Laser diffraction particle size distribution analysis (submicron and micrometer range).
Particle size measurements in aqueous media as well as in oily suspensions.

Dual-syringe-pump 100DX system (Teledyne Isco)

Mixing of two fluids at high pressure and flow rate up to 50 ml/minute.
Temperature controlled jacket and valve package for non-stop continuous flow.

FT-IR Spectrometer Bruker Tensor 27 IR Spectrometer with Hyperion microscope (Bruker Optics)

Determination of protein secondary structure by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.
ATR objective (20x) for the Hyperion microscope combines a visual sample inspection with highest sensitivity of the IR measurement.

AF2000 MultiFlow FFF (Postnova Analytics)

Asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (AF4) Platform for Separation of Proteins, Macromolecules and Nanoparticles.
PN3609 Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector for a precise and robust determination of molar mass and particle size. UV and RI Detectors for the determination of drug or protein concentration.

Freeze dryers (3)

Most common process for making solid protein pharmaceuticals.
Lyophilization is often used in terms of biopharmaceuticals, which are prone to denature or aggregate in a liquid formulation.

Langmuir Trough (Kibron Inc.)

Characterization of amphiphilic molecules at the air-water interface.
Used for monolayer formation and surface pressure measurements, as well as for creation and transfer of films to solid surfaces using Langmuir-Blodgett or Langmuir-Schaefer deposition technique.

MicroCal (µDSC)

Microcalorimetry is the gold standard method for thermal analysis of liquid protein formulations.
The obtained protein melting temperature and other thermodynamic parameters are indicative for the thermal stability of the protein.
A high thermal stability is beneficial for the development of therapeutic protein drugs.

SpeedMixer DAC 150.1 FV

The SpeedMixer™ DAC 150.1 FV is a centrifuge with two rotating axis in laboratory-size.
The axis are rotating in opposite directions which allows the rapid and homogenous mixing of materials.

Haake MiniLab Extruder

The Haake MiniLab extruder is for small sample volumes.
The systems is based on a twin-screw compounder with an integrated backflow channel and bypass valve enabling the recirculation of the melted sample.

Three Tec ZE-5 Mini-Extruder

The ZE-5 Mini-Extruder is a twin-screw extruder equipped with three heating zones, which can be regulated individually.
Due to the minimal screw diameters (5.0 mm), just very small substance volumes are needed.

Attune NxT Flow Cytometer

The main purpose is the analysis of cells. You can differentiate and image cells based upon their size and/or morphology, but also measure their fluorescence, which makes it possible to determine various characteristics such as the expression of certain receptors or genes after respective labelling.


The gas sorption analyzer is used for the measurement of SSA (specific surface area) of lyophilisates, particles or packaging materials.


Avacta Optim 1000

The Avacta Optim 1000 is a microcuvette-based device used to study the physical stability of proteins. The system can detect simultaneously protein aggregation (by means of static light scattering) and unfolding (by means of intrinsic/extrinsic fluorescence changes). The experiments can be performed isothermally or with a temperature ramp up to 100 °C.


With the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer automated electrophoresis can be performed. It can be used for sizing, quantitation, and purity assessments for DNA, RNA, and protein samples. The samples are loaded onto a chip and therefore separation time and sample consumption are minimized compared to the rather time consuming “classical” SDS-Page.

Nano Spray Dryer B-90 HP (Büchi)

Controlled and safe production of small particles (0.2-5 µm) by spray drying.

Büchi 290

Spray dryer with inert loop


Coulter Cell Counter




Dosing Machine Bausch & Stroebel EDM3295

Machine for precise filling of syringes, ampoules and all kinds of stable containers.

Drop Shape Analyzer


DSC 214 Polyma

The DSC 214 Polyma is a heat-flux DSC with integrated autosampler for
thermoanalytic investigation of lipids, proteins, sugars etc. Fast heating
and cooling rates also allow isothermal crystallization experiments.


Flow Cell Apparatus


Eclipse 2 Wyatt

This AF4 system allows the separation of proteins, colloids and nanoparticles as on orthogonal method to SEC. Low pressure & shear stress allow the gentle separation directly in the used formulation buffer.


Heleos Wyatt

18-angle MALS detector used for  the determination of molar masses (offline or online via SEC or AF4).


Fluid ImagingFlowCam 8100

The FlowCam 8100 by Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. utilizes fluid imaging to acquire high resolution images of sub-visible particles in your sample. Images of the sample are captured as it passes through the flow cell's sensing zone. Every particle in every image is then analyzed for parameters such as particle count, size, transparency and morphology (or shape). For example, this can be used to separate protein aggregates from silicon oil droplets or air bubbles by differences in morphology.


Freeze-Dryer  FTS LyoStar 3


Keyence Fluorescence Microscope


Ika LabReactor LR 1000

The LR 1000 control is modular laboratory reactor designed for efficient mixing, dispersing and homogenization applications at the laboratory scale. The system is particularly suitable for the design of  manufacturing processes of semi-solid dosage forms. The machine is equipped with a temperature control system including a circulating chiller, a vacuum pump and an UltraTurrax for efficient dispersing. Relevant process data like temperature, pH and torque can be measured inside the vacuum vessel. A specific software allows data storage of all process relevant data and full control of the reactor.


Micro Flow Imaging

Micro-Flow Imaging™  utilizes fluid imaging to acquire high resolution images of sub-visible particles in your sample. Images of the sample are captured as it passes through the flow cell's sensing zone. Every particle in every image is then analyzed for parameters such as particle count, size, transparency and morphology (or shape). For example, this can be used to separate protein aggregates from silicon oil droplets or air bubbles by differences in morphology.




The Mini-Glatt is a fluid-bed drier used for granulating, coating and drying of small batches. Due to its easy handling and cleaning it is perfect for development and pharmaceutical research.


Mini Coater Drier

The Caleva Mini Coater Drier is used for the coating and drying of small batches of pellets and tablets. It is particularly used in the development of coated dosage forms.


Viaflo Assist - Pipetting Assistant

The VIAFLO ASSIST is used together with the VIAFLO II multichannel pipettes to achieve highly reproducible pipetting results in the microliter range. The machine is used in our lab mostly to perform isothermal chemical denaturation experiments and study the physical stability of proteins.

DynaPro Plate Reader II (Wyatt)

The DynaPro® Plate Reader II performs high-throughput, automated dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements on macromolecular and nanoparticle samples directly in situ in industry-standard 96, 384, or 1536 well microplates, using as little as 1.5 µL of sample and 5 seconds acquisition time per well.

QCM qCell T

The qCell T is a highly advanced quartz crystal microbalance with
damping/dissipation monitoring for gaining real time insights into molecular
interactions, biofilms, liquid properties and even the analysis of blood

qNano Gold (IZON Science)

This is an accurate system for the simultaneous characterization of size, concentration and charge properties of nanoparticles using Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS) technique.

qTower RT-PCR


Closing Machine Bausch & Stroebel SVP 100

Machine for closing disposable syringes with a plunger stopper.

TF Ultrasound


Prometheus NT.48

Prometheus NT.48 characterizes thermal and chemical unfolding under native conditions using nanoDSF technology. Absolutely label-free, nanoDSF precisely measures the intrinsic fluorescence of a protein while it isbeing subjected to either chemical or thermal denaturation. The device provides protein unfolding temperatures (Tm and Tonset), critical denaturant concentrations (Cm), free energies of unfolding (ΔG), and protein aggregation temperatures (Tagg).