Pharmaceutical Technology Chair of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Winter - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Master Theses

Patrizia Zill
Sensitivity evaluation of higher-order structure analysis for the detection of degradation in biopharmaceutical drug products, 2019

Britta Schöder
Development of a HY-133 formulation with a prolonged release profile, 2018

Natalie Deiringer
Development of a novel preparation method for vesicular phospholipid gels, 2017

Benedikt Häupler
Investigations on the Use of tert-Butyl Alcohol for Enhancement of the Freeze-Drying Process of Biopharmaceuticals, 2017

Andreas Stelzl 
Magneto-optical detection of endotoxin: development of a particle platform and proof of concept, 2016

Sabrina Taubenberger
Stress behavior of insulin solutions for injection and their compatibility with excipients and containers, 2015

Victoria Isabell Pauli
Evaluation of heat flux measurement as a novel PAT tool in Pharmaceutical freeeze-drying, 2014

Leticia Pires Rodrigues
Direct cellular uptake monitoring with ratiometric pH-sensitive gelatin nanoparticles, 2013

Bistra Nikolaeva Rainova
Development and optimisation of in situ precipitating depot systems for in vitro monoclonal antibody release, 2013

Isabell Immohr
Lipid based depot formulation for intrauterine estradiol delivery in mares, 2013

Alexandra Partenhauser
Lipid twin screw exsudates for the sustained intravitreal delivery of MABS, 2013

Benjamin Werner
Impact of high hydrostatic pressure on the dissociation of protein aggregates and protein crystallization, 2012

Philipp Rödel
Calcium-alginate hybrid gels as immobilisation matrix for human mesenchymal stem cells in tissue regeneration, 2012

Franziska Wurst
Stabilization of model proteins by aggressive freeze-drying : investigation of in-process stability and storage stability,  2012

Tobias Popp
HES derivatives for protein stability, 2012

Janek Kibat
Development of a photodynamically triggered PEG deshielding for cellular tumor targeting, 2012

Kathrin Irene Abstiens
Application of microscale thermophoresis for protein formulation development, 2012

Patrik Kondziella
Insulin incorporated in PGLA implants: stability studies and evaluation of the release behavior, 2012

Silvia Fluhr
Expression and purification of sialic acid binding protein domains, 2011

Julia Reitzel
Investigation of the structure of protein and mannitol in freeze dried formulations, 2010

Martin Pflügler
Etablierung und Charakterisierung eines Labormodells für das Downstream Produktionsverfahren eines monoklonalen Antikörpers, 2009

Martina Sprengholz
Accelerated in vitro goserelin release from biodegradable parenteral polylactid-glycolid implants, 2009

Christoph Mück
Analytik von Proteinaggregation mittels Coulter-Prinzip: Vergleich mit der Lichtblockademessung, 2002 (Diploma thesis)