General Overview: [more]

A. Aliphatic Friedel-Crafts Reactions [more]

B. Carbocationic Cycloadditions [more]

C. Unusual Cycloadditions [more]

D. Kinetics of the Reactions of Carbocations with Alkenes [more]

E. Carbocationic Polymerizations [more]

F. Nucleophilicity and Electrophilicity Scales [more]

G. Nucleophilic Organocatalysis [more]

H. Quantification of the Reactivities of Synthetically Important Reagents [more]

I. Heterolytic Cleavages: The SN1 - SN2-Spectrum [more]

J. Quantification of Lewis Basicities [more]

K. General Concepts of Organic Chemistry [more]

L. Mechanisms of Organometallic Reactions [more]

M. Photolytic Cleavage of R-X Bonds [more]

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