Dr. Jörg Stierstorfer - Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

PD Dr. habil. Jörg Stierstorfer

Scientist & Lecturer

Department of Chemistry

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

Butenandtstr. 5-13, D3.076
D-81377 München-Grosshadern

Tel: +49 89 2180 77488

Fax: +49 89 2180 77007

Mobil: +49 170 4708191

E-Mail: jstch@cup.uni-muenchen.de

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-2105-1275

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HOT from the press 2022:

JACS: Synthesis and Characterization of Binary, Highly Endothermic and Extremely Sensitive 2,2’-Azobis-5-Azidotetrazole (C2N16)

Chemistry: 1-(Azidomethyl)-5H-tetrazole – a Powerful New Ligand for Highly Energetic Coordination Compounds

HOT from the press 2021:

Dalton Trans.: Nitratoethyl-5H-tetrazoles: improving the oxygen balance through application of organic nitrates in energetic coordination compounds

Chemistry: A Smart Access to the Dinitramide Anion – The Use of Dinitraminic Acid for the Preparation of Energetic Coordination Compounds

from the press 2020:

Angewandte Chemie: Veredelung von Kupfer(II)‐azid mittels 1‐Alkyl‐5H‐tetrazolen: Leistungsfähige energetische Komplexverbindungen

Inorganic Chemistry: Taming the Dragon: Complexation of Silver Fulminate with Nitrogen-Rich Azole Ligands

from the press 2019:

Chemistry - An Asian Journal: Comparison of 1-Ethyl-5H-tetrazole and 1-Azidoethyl-5H-tetrazole as Ligands in Energetic Transition Metal Complexes

Chemistry - An European Journal: 1‐AminoTriazole Transition‐Metal Complexes as Laser‐Ignitable and Lead‐Free Primary Explosives