Jens Prescher

Research Project

My research focuses on the optimization and application of localization-based super-resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques such as STORM, dSTORM and PALM. In order to exploit the full potential of these technqiues, I am interested in optimizing these methods regarding the optical setup as well as by improving and further developing the underlying data analysis routines.
Utilizing the high spatial resolutions beyond the diffraction-limit of light, it is possible to reveal functional and structural insights of nanoscopic biological systems that are not obtainable by other methods. In this context, I am applying the established methods to cell biological and virological questions. These studies include investigations of the budding mechanism of HIV-1 and the interaction with cellular factors in order to obtain a better understanding how viruses exploit host cell factors in their reproduction cycle.


  • Crevenna A, Blank B, Maiser A, Enim D, Prescher J, Beck G, Kienzle C, Bartnik K, Habermann B, Pakdel M, Leonhardt H, Lamb DC, von Blume J
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    JCB. 2016; 213(3), 305-314 [doi link]
  • Prescher J, Baumgärtel B, Ivanchenko S, Torrano A, Bräuchle C, Müller B, Lamb DC
    Super-Resolution Imaging of ESCRT-Proteins at HIV-1 Assembly Sites.
    PLoS Pathogens. 2015; 11(2), e1004677 [doi link]
  • Naredi-Rainer N, Prescher J, Hartschuh A, Lamb DC
    Confocal Microscopy in "Fluorescence Microscopy"
    Ed: Kubitscheck U; Wiley-VCH, 1st edition (2013)

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