FCS Lecture Notes

The Basics of FCS  
   Basics of fluctuation experiments
   The autocorrelation function (ACF)
   ACF of freely diffusing particles in an open volume
   ACF for particles with flow
   The gamma factor
   Limitations of the technique
FCS of Multiple Species, Reactions, and Scanning FCS
   ACF of multiple non-interacting species
   ACF of unimolecular reactions
   ACF of bimolecular reactions
   Scanning FCS
Multi-Dimensional FCS
  Rotation ACF
  Cross Correlation Spectroscopy
  Gating FCS
Intensity Fluctuation Analysis
  Photon Counting Statistics
  Photon Counting Histogram Analysis (PCH)
  Fluorescence Intensity Distribution Analysis (FIDA)
  2-Dimensional PCH