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Former members of the group

Dr. Matthias K. Roos
now at Vodafone, Munich.
PhD Thesis:
Photoinitiated processes in functionally diverse organic molecules elucidated by theoretical methods.
Image: Dr. Matthias K. Roos
Image: Dr. Daniel Keefer Dr. Daniel Keefer
now postdoc in the group of
Prof. Dr. Shaul Mukamel at the University of California, Irvine.
PhD Thesis:
Coherent control and quantum dynamics in complex chemical and biological environments.
Dr. Julius Zauleck
now at Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH, Markt Schwaben.
PhD Thesis:
Improving grid based quantum dynamics: from the inclusion of solvents to the utilization of machine learning.
Image: Dr. Julius Zauleck
Image: Dr. Sven Oesterling Dr. Sven Oesterling

PhD Thesis:
Ab initio studies on photorelaxation: exploring, altering and crossing the excited state landscape.
Dr. Robert Siemering
now at TNG Technology Consulting, Unterföhring.
PhD Thesis:
Light-matter interactions: from ionization to the control of nuclear and electron dynamics.
Image: Dr. Robert Siemering
Image: Dr. Patrick Kölle Dr. Patrick Kölle
now at Extedo, Ottobrunn.
PhD Thesis:
Light-induced molecular processes in organic-based energy conversion and biomimetic synthesis of natural products.
Dr. Sebastian Thallmair
now postdoc in the group of
Prof. Dr. Siewert-Jan Marrink at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands.
PhD Thesis:
Photogeneration of reactive intermediates: From initial quantum dynamics to chemical yields in solution.
Image: Sebastian Thallmair
Image: Prof. Dr. Spiridoula Matsika Prof. Dr. Spiridoula Matsika
visiting scientist from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.
Marianne Mosch
Image: Marianne Mosch
Image: Philipp von den Hoff Dr. Philipp von den Hoff
now at Rohde & Schwarz, München.
PhD Thesis:
Gekoppelte Kern- und Elektronendynamik: Molekulare Systeme und deren Kontrolle durch die Bewegung der Elektronen.
Dr. Artur Nenov
now Junior Assistant Professor at the
Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy.
PhD Thesis:
Relation between molecular structure and ultrafast photoreactivity with application to molecular switches.
Image: Artur Nenov
Image: Markus Kowalewski Dr. Markus Kowalewski
now Assistant Professor at Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden.
PhD Thesis:
Quantendynamik isolierter molekularer Systeme.
Dr. Benjamin Fingerhut
now junior group leader at the
Max-Born-Institut in Berlin, Germany.
PhD Thesis:
Optimale Photochemische Energiekonversion und Umgebungseffekte in Reaktiver Moleküldynamik.
Image: Benjamin Fingerhut
Image: Judith Voll Dr. Judith Voll
now postdoc in the group of
Prof. Dr. Shaul Mukamel at the University of California, Irvine.
PhD Thesis:
Quanten-Kontroll-Spektroskopie photochemischer Prozesse in biologischen Modellsystemen.
Dr. Caroline Gollub
now at the BASF, Ludwigshafen
PhD Thesis:
Femtosecond quantum control studies on vibrational quantum information processing.
Image: Caroline Gollub
Image: Brigitte Schneider Dr. Brigitte Schneider
PhD Thesis:
Entwicklung robuster Quantengatter auf infrarot-aktiven Qubits in MnBr(CO)5
Dr. Dorothee Geppert
now at InfoChem in München
PhD Thesis:
Molekulare Schalter mit Cyclohexadien als photoaktivem Zentrum: Struktur, Dynamik und Kontrolle
Image: Dorothee Geppert
Image: Shengli Zeng Dipl.-Chem. Shengli Zeng
Dr. Ulrike Troppmann
Ulrike finished her PhD in April 2006 and is now at the BASF, Ludwigshafen
PhD Thesis:
Studien zur Realisierbarkeit von Molekularem Quantencomputing
Image: Ulrike Troppmann
Image: Sebastian Braun Dipl.-Chem. Sebastian Braun
Now in the group of Peter Hofmann, Universität Heidelberg
Dipl.-Chem. Lena Seyfarth
Now in the group of Jürgen Senker, Uni Bayreuth
Image: Lena Seyfarth
Image: Thomas Hornung Dr. Thomas Hornung
now at the Carl Zeiss AG in Oberkochen
PhD Thesis:
Optimal control with ultrashort laser pulses: Theory and experiment
Dr. Angelika Hofmann
now at OEC, München
PhD Thesis:
Ultraschnelle molekulare Quantendynamik durch konische Durchschneidungen
Image: Angelika Hofmann
Image: Carmen Tesch-Biedermann Dr. Carmen Tesch-Biedermann
now at Athene Patent, München
PhD Thesis:
Entwicklung von Molekularem Quantencomputing
Dr. Lukas Kurtz
now at Infineon, Tokio
PhD Thesis:
Direct and inverse algorithms for characterizing molecular reaction surfaces locally and globally
Image: Lukas Kurtz

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