Techniques and Methods Used in the Trauner Group

Chemical Synthesis: multistep chemical synthesis, catalysis incl. biocatalysis,glove-box chemistry, photochemistry, microwave and high-pressure chemistry (13 kbar).

Purification and Analysis: crystallization and X-ray analysis (our speciality), preparative and analytical HPLC, LCMS, "walk-on" 400 MHz NMR with cryoprobe (Bruker).

Protein Biochemistry: protein engineering, expression, purification (Äkta), crystallization and X-ray analysis.

Electrophysiology: whole-cell voltage and current clamp recordings (HEK293, dissociated neurons), two-electrode voltage clamp recordings (Xenopus oocyte), single-channel recordings (NanIon), slice electrophysiology, field potential recordings (Multichannel Systems).

Molecular and Cellular Biology: Gibson-assembly, transient transfection (HEK293 cells, neurons), fluorescent assays using plate readers (BMG), confocal microscopy, and live cell imaging.