* LMU Seminars, Chemie & Pharmazie

Trauner Group Files
* The Trauner Group Handbook 2016
* The Trauner ChemDraw Template 2016
* The Trauner Photopharmacology Template for Keynote
* The Good the Bad and the Ugly Collection of ChemDraw Structures
* The Chemical Neuroscience Collection of ChemDraw Structures

Chemical Databases and Useful Files
* OCP Total Synthesis Database
* iBond Comprehensive pKa and PDE Database
* Evans' pKa Tables
* Bordwell pKa Tables
* Zakarian Bond Dissociation Energies
* NIST Thermochemistry Database
* Mayr Reactivity Database
* Mayr Reactivity Posters
* Lab Book Info Pages
* Name Reactions
* Organiclinks - List of Chemistry Groups in the US (subsections for chem bio, etc)
* Solar Radiation Spectrum
* Arizona Fluorophore Spectra
* UCSF Fluorescent Proteins
* Chemistry Infographics
* Solvent Replacements Software

Small Molecules and Pharmacology
* IUPHAR Guide to Pharmacology
* DrugBank
* ADMET Predictor, East China UST Pharmacy Dept
* Top 150 Drugs, 2013-2014
* Njardason Top Pharma Posters

* PDB Protein Data Base
* ( text:PDBe) Cryo-EM Data Base
* GPCR Data Base
* Membrane Proteins of Known Structure
* Membrane Transport Protein Database
* Channelpedia
* Lipids Data Base

Cells and Tissues
* Human Protein Atlas
* Servier Medical Illustrations

Bibliographic Databases and Tools
* Web of Science
* Reference Resolver.
Note that you can use Ref Resolver as a search engine shortcut, or install a desktop hotkey lookup script, etc. See the Extensions tab.

Educational Videos
* iBiology
* Harvard Biovisions

Tools and Techniques
* RGB calculator and Relative Brightness table
* Energy Converter 1
* Energy Converter 2, With Wavelengths
* A Guide to Gibson Assembly

Scientific Culture
* Suslick's Seminar on Seminars
* Carolyn Bertozzi On Being a Closer
* A Day in the Life of a Successful Chemist
* Never use Comic Sans unless you are less than 11 years old
* Writing style gauge