Konstantin Troshin
Dipl.-Chem., Dr. rer. nat.
Structure-reactivity relationships in reactions of 1,3-diarylallyl derivatives and of the corresponding palladium complexes
Award of the Dr. Klaus Römer-Stiftung for PhD students (2012).
Nucleophilicity Parameters of Stabilized Iodonium Ylides for Characterizing their Synthetic Potential
S. Chelli, K. Troshin, P. Mayer, S. Lakhdar, A. R. Ofial, H. Mayr, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, JustAccepted.
Ambidente Reaktivität von Formaldehyd-N,N-dialkylhydrazonen
Ambident Reactivities of Formaldehyde N,N-Dialkylhydrazones

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Electrophilicities of Benzaldehyde-Derived Iminium Ions: Quantification of the Electrophilic Activation of Aldehydes by Iminium Formation
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Electrofugalities of 1,3-Diarylallyl Cations
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Ion Pair Dynamics: Solvolyses of Chiral 1,3-Diarylallyl Carboxylates as a Case Study
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How does Palladium Coordination Affect the Electrophilicities of Allyl Cations? Development of a Robust Kinetic Method for Following Reactions of [(η3-Diarylallyl)Pd(Ph3P)2]+ with Nucleophiles
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