Robert Loos
Dipl.-Chem., Dr. rer. nat.


Robert employed the Hi-Tech stopped-flow spectrometer SF-61DX2 for his studies on carbanion reactivities.
Nucleophile Reaktivität von Wittig-Yliden, phosphorylstabilisierten Carbanionen und anorganischen Anionen
(finished 11/2003)
Nucleophilicity Parameters for Phosphoryl-Stabilized Carbanions and Phosphorus Ylides: Implications for Wittig and Related Olefination Reactions
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Ambident Reactivity of the Thiocyanate Anion Revisited: Can the Product Ratio be Explained by the HSAB Principle?
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Kinetics of Carbocation Carbanion Combinations: Key to a General Concept of Polar Organic Reactivity
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