Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Structure of the degree program Pharmaceutical Sciences

What does the degree program look like?

The consecutive bachelor/master program Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a research-orientated program which includes all the important fields of modern pharmaceutical research.

Special features are:

  • A modular setup of the program (ECTSsystem)
  • Problemorientated lectures from basic to expert knowledge
  • Choice of own focus due to compulsory optional subject
  • Different contacts with industry and foreign affairs
  • Obtainment of key qualifications

Bachelor studies (6 semesters)

Degree: Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science

Master studies (4 semesters)

1st and 2nd semester

Focus: molecular pharmacology; pharmaceutical biology and biotechnology; pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy; medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical analytics.

2nd and 3rd semester

Practical experience in reseach; seminar: latest results from research

4th semester

Thesis and master’s examination

Degree: Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences

PhD (optional)

With the master degree in pharmaceutical sciences the graduates are perfectly prepared for a PhD thesis in one of their chosen special fields.