Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Master Pharmaceutical Sciences - 3. Semester courses

legend: S = seminar, PW = practical elective module, MA = Master's Thesis, SWS= credit hours per week

module 3. Semester type of course SWS ECTS


P5/II Progress in Pharmaceutical Sciences
P5.2 Current Progress in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Advanced Seminar Course II S 2 3
WP5-8 Elective Module P2.1
WP5.1-8.1 Advanced Practical Course in …, Section B PW 20 20
WP5.2-8.2 Introduction to Scientific Work, Section B PW 1 1
P6/I Final Module P1-P4 and (WP1 or WP2 or WP3 or WP4) and (WP5 or WP6 or WP7 or WP8)
P6/I Master's Thesis MA 6
total 23 + MA 30