Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Information Concerning the Master Thesis

Regulations for the preparation of master theses

Each student must independently look for/apply for a place in a working group. The start of the master thesis will then be arranged directly with the supervisor.

Admission requirements are two passed F-internships according to the majors.

The master thesis has to be registered before starting by filling in the registration form and signing it by the supervisor. This also applies to external work (see below)! The form has to be collected in person at the examination office F5.020 and returned there. Please also participate in the evaluation of the internship - the questionnaires are also available in F5.020.

Regulations for the preparation of external master theses

The Master's thesis can also be carried out in an institution outside the Department of Chemistry of LMU Munich (applies to Germany and abroad). In this case, please try to find a supervisor at the department (=authorized examiner) at the beginning of your planning and discuss the project with him/her.

An informal application for the preparation of an external paper must be submitted to the Examination Office, which will be verified and assessed by the Chairman of the Examination Committee. The application must state the following:


  • subject area of the work
  • the external supervisor (with details of the host institution)
  • the official reviewer at the Department of Chemistry who is doing research in this or a related subject area (must be agreed upon in advance)
  • signature of the official supervisor from the department.

Basically, a proposal (project description) of the work must be submitted.

In addition, it must be stated that the external supervisor will prepare a appraisal (with grading according to the ECTS system) after the submission of the thesis and forward it to the official supervisor of the department.

Forms to apply for individualized advanced study design and retroactive financial aid for costs incurred in the process can be found here: