Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Master Chemistry

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How the degree program is organized

The Master programm in Chemistry at the LMU München requires a bachelor of science degree in either chemistry, biochemistry, or related fields. Students in the master's program acquire advanced specialized knowledge in their field which enables them to conduct independent research in chemistry and related applications and embark on multidisciplinary careers.

Students can enter the master's program in chemistry either in the summer or the winter semester. The standard length of study is four semesters during which 120 ECTS (credits) must be earned. Courses are held predominantly in German.

Figure caption:
V=lecture, P=lab course, S=seminar, Coll=Colloquium; SWS=hours per week, ECTS=credit points, MP=module exam, MTP=submodul exam;

The basic draft of the master study in chemistry intends two options/variations (see figure):
a) Choice of three majors (electoral duty areas) from inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical chemistry - with 30 ECTS points each (WB-A, WB B, WB C), or
b) Choice of two majors from chemistry (see on top) with 30 ECTS points each (WB-A, WB B) and a minor (WB-E) and a specialisation area (WPF V) each with 15 ECTS points, either from chemistry or from fields close to chemistry.

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