Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Bachelor of Science in chemistry and biochemistry

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How the degree program is organized

In the winter semester of 2001/02 the LMU München replaced the "Diplom" program with two consecutive programs, namely the bachelor program in chemistry and biochemistry followed by the master program in chemistry and biochemistry.

The concept provides for collective, basic, and interdisciplinary instruction conducted in two faculties (Biology and Physics) during the first four semesters for students of chemistry and biochemistry. The orientation program, where students chose their majors and begin their bachelor's thesis, takes place in the fifth and sixth semesters.
A bachelor's degree enables graduates to enter the work force early and prepares them simultaneously for advanced master programs in chemistry or biochemistry. About one hundred students change annually into the master program in chemistry and about forty into the master program in biochemistry. Graduates of those programs may then continue into Ph.D. programs.

The programs have been designed according to the Bologna Declaration guidelines of 1999. The courses are modularized and students must earn - through lecture- and lab courses and through examinations - a total of 180 credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This system produces the final grade of the bachelor program and facilitate transferring between universities here and abroad.

In the winter semester of 2008/09 the bachelor program "Chemistry and Biochemistry" was reformed and received a new set of bylaws.

Advantages of this concept

  1. Interdisciplinary structure
    Students receive, from the beginning of the program, a broad education in three faculties which later will facilitate their modern, interdisciplinary research activities.
  2. Flexibility
    The decision about which major to follow is deferred until it can be made on the basis of experience and skill. On the other hand, specialization can begin early in the orientation program because of the great range of choice in courses.

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