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Informations for high school pupils

We're glad that you're interested in studying at the Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy of the LMU!
Here are a number of ways that you can get information about our programs:

Open Day

At the LMU campus day we have a booth where everyone interested in our programs can get information and counselling about the many possibilities for studying at the LMU.

High School Pupils' Information Day (Schülerinfotag)

On Schülerinfotag you can get insight into the programs offered at our faculty as well as guidance.

Further Informations

More programs and services at the LMU for Schools and Pupils are listed on the LMU-Website.

  • Because of organizational restrictions, we currently can not offer tours to individual classes. Instead, please take advantage of the high school pupils' information day (Schülerinfotag).
  • Lab courses for individual high school pupils are not available at the time being.
  • Several times a year, the Bavarian Chemical Society (Bayerische Chemieverbände) offers students and chemistry teachers from Bavarian high schools an introduction to chemistry programs (Schülertage Chemie).