Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Doctoral program (PhD)

Students desiring to enter a doctoral or habilitation (university-lecturer qualification) program at the Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy must register at the Office for Doctoral Programs and Habilitation.

Doctoral Regulations

Information and forms

Information on the proceeding and how the doctoral program is designed may be found here:
Regulations for PhD students at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy.pdf (41 kByte)

Handwritten forms will not be accepted!

Please download and open the PDFs with an external software program (not within the webbrowser). Then, fill in the various electronic forms online before printing, AND make an appointment with the Office for Doctoral Programs.

At the beginning of the doctoral program:

  1. Registration for the PhD program.pdf
  2. External PhD candidate in Chemistry or Pharmacy.pdf
  3. External PhD candidate in Biochemistry.pdf

Before you submitt your thesis for the doctoral examination:

  1. Application for admission to the thesis defence.pdf
  2. Affirmation in lieu of an oath.pdf
  3. Declaration.pdf
  4. Confirmation concerning the proper return of one's workplace.pdf
  5. Examination Board Members.pdf
  6. Sample title pages.pdf

The doctoral degree will be passed out by Promotions- und Habilitationsbüro
Form to be submitted to the university library (Universitäsbibliothek) after the oral defence:

  1. After the oral defence.pdf
  2. Authorization to collect the PhD degree certificate.pdf

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