We care at CUP

You are struggling? Feeling more than stressed out? Or have a friend/fellow student that is having mental health problems and you are not sure what to do?

Mental Health First Aid

  • If you or someone you know or who confides in you is in a difficult situation and you need help or advice, you can always contact the MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) responders of our faculty directly (see first line in drop down below).
  • Alternatively, you can send an email to mentalhealth@cup.lmu.de
  • MHFA-trained individuals have all completed a 12-hour course on basic knowledge of various mental health issues and crises and have taken a short certification exam upon completion of the course. MHFA first aiders know the five building blocks of psychosocial first aid and can apply them (for more information, visit www.mhfa-ersthelfer.de/de/)

Code of Conduct

At WeCare@LMU, you can get help with specific problems if you have experienced or observed violations of the Code of Conduct during your stay at LMU or at LMU work or study events (e.g. bullying, violence, verbal harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, age, race, cultural origin or religion).

MHFA responders and further contacts

Women‘s Representatives:

Conflict and Antidiscrimination Officers for students of the LMU:

Course administratorr

Professor responsible for the lab course

Antidiscrimination Officers for scientific personnel:

Conflict Officers for scientific personnel:

Conflict Officers for Professors

Antidiscrimination Officers for administrative staff:

Further contact point for personnel

Have something to say (Feedback, positive and negative always welcome) and want to stay anonymous? You may submit a letter to the suggestion box. It is located at the wall between the central postoffice and Chemikalienausgabe (CU1.015)