Boards, Committees, Representatives and Organisations

Faculty Council

(01.10.2023 bis 30.09.2025)

Our Faculty Council is responsible for the concerns of the faculty explicitly the Dean's area of responsibility. The members of the Faculty Council are composed of and elected from the various groups of the faculty. The following groups are represented: Professors, Academic Staff, Other Staff, Students, Women's Representative. The meetings of the Faculty Council are chaired by the Dean.

  • Katharina Heimberger (Ph, Sek. Prof. Biel)
  • Annette Rogge (Ch, Sek. Prof. Ivanovic-Burmacovic)

  • Carolin Franke (student council Ph)
  • Alexander Nesmasznyj (student council Ch+Bc)
  • Robert Schiller (student council Ch+Bc)
  • Sina Wolff (student council Ph)

Office Managers of the Departments


The Commission on Occupational Safety (KOAS) is composed of all faculty safety representatives. It currently consists of the following members:

Commission Manager


  • House A: Dr. H. Blum
    • Safety Officer House A: N.N.
  • House B: N.N.
    • Safety Officer House B: N.N.
  • House C: N.N.
    • Safety Officer House C: N.N.
  • House F: Dr. B. Kempf
    • Safety Officer House F:
      • B. Böck
      • Dr. V. Malakhov
      • PD Dr. A. Ofial
  • House G:
    • Safety Officer House G: N.N.
  • House K: N.N.
    • Safety Officer House K: N.N.

The IT Commission of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of LMU Munich is appointed by the Faculty Council. Its task is to ensure the secure and efficient operation of the IT infrastructure.

It currently consists of the following members:



The women's representative advises on all problems specific to women (career planning, support programs and scholarships).

The Student Grants Committee (SZK) evaluates applications from faculty for financial assistance to improve teaching. More info on tuition grants can be found below.Group of university professors and lecturers

Group of university professors and lecturers

Group of scientific employees

Group of non-scientific employees

  • Ana Antonovic

Women's representative

Pharmacy students

  • Ann-Kathrin Forsthuber
  • Fabian Hemmetzberger
  • Sina Wolff

Chemistry and Biochemistry students

  • Rosmarie Eden Levy
  • Marios Materis
  • Nicole Zeitlmeir


Management of the departments

Program Coordination Offices of the Departments

This commission is responsible for the professional and organizational orientation of the programs of the Department of Chemistry.

Members of the commission (as of 2021)