Our Code of Conduct

The way of dealing with each other

It is natural for teachers and learners:

  • To create conditions for open and constructive discussion through mutual respect and polite interaction.
  • Not to discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, position/hierarchy, physical impairment, age, cultural origin, religious affiliation or belief.
  • Always actively intervene when acting against these principles.
  • To be open to reasoned criticism.
  • To refrain from any form of verbal or sexual harassment.
  • This is binding for all parties involved - students, lecturers and organizational team.

Contact persons

  • Internship Management
  • Chair responsible for the internship

Departmental Women's Officers:

LMU Conflict Officer(s) for Students:

  • Prof. Stefan Zahler Tel.: 2180 – 77196 (CUP)
  • Prof. Stephan Lessenich Tel.: 2180 – 5947 (LMU)
  • Dr. Katharina Kugler Tel.: 2180 - 5239 (LMU)

Download as PDF: Code of Conduct (PDF, 196 KB)