Future cluster CNATM of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy is among the 15 finalists of 2nd competition round

May 10, 2021

In the nationwide future cluster competition, a jury of experts recommended 15 proposals for funding a conception phase from a total of 117 competition entries.
The future cluster CNATM (Cluster for Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Munich) of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the LMU is among these 15 finalists.

The working groups Beckmann, Carell, Hopfner, Hornung, Merkel, Schneider and Wagner belong to the CNATM.

The federal government plans to provide up to 450 million euros for the future clusters over the next ten years. If you add the expected mobilized private money, more than one billion euros can be activated for the regional innovation networks in Germany.

CNATM, the only finalist from Bavaria, aims to develop new nucleic acid-based therapies and vaccines for the treatment of diseases that were previously difficult to treat.

The management team of the cluster now has to submit a formal funding application for the conception phase to the BMBF by May 31, 2021.