Research funding: New project on the origin of life

Jul 30, 2019

Professor Oliver Trapp is supported by the Volkswagen Foundation in his research into the beginning of life.

How did life come to earth? How did the first molecules emerge that can store information and replicate itself? And can the beginning of all life be reproduced in the test tube? Oliver Trapp, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the LMU, is researching these questions, among others, in the framework of the Cluster of Excellence Origins. Now he is also supported by the Volkswagen Foundation.

In October Oliver Trapp starts the project "Initiating Molecular Life". In it, the LMU chemist examines how complex the chemical building blocks must have been in order to initiate chemical evolution. The goal of the project is to identify catalytic reactions of small organic molecules that might have occurred under prebiotic conditions, and to understand how complex building blocks of chemical reactions may have evolved from simple building blocks.

The Volkswagen Foundation is funding the project for a period of five years.

More about the research of Professor Trapp: