Ars Legendi Faculty Award: "I want to promote independent thinking"

Mar 22, 2019

Professor Lena Daumann from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the LMU has been awarded the prestigious Ars legendi Faculty Award for her excellent teaching.

35-year-old Lena Daumann receives the prize for her innovative teaching and learning methods, which make students especially active in teaching and learning. For example, in her lecture she uses an app to activate students with interactive quiz questions; At the same time she gains a playful overview of the knowledge level of the lecture participants. "Teaching is very important to me and is also one of the reasons why I decided to pursue an academic career," says the young professor. Her great role model: her PhD supervisor Lawrie Gahan, who is legendary in Australia for his excellent teaching and unparalleled mentoring.

"Lena Daumann's principle for successful learning successfully emphasizes the autonomy of students", the jury summarized. In their courses, the students themselves can submit their exam assignments, each of which contributes a task to the exam. For exam preparation, these questions are made available online to all students. "My goal is to help students think for themselves and develop their own solutions to a problem. It is very important to me to combine my lecture content with current socially relevant topics, "explains Daumann.

Use digitization meaningfully in teaching

To further develop her courses, Professor Uni-weit is networking: "Starting with the LMU eUniversity, I will be working together from the summer semester on to offer eLectures in addition to the app and Moodle tools and introduce greater use of tablets during the lecture." says Lena Daumann. She would like to be the contact person for the students and is therefore additionally active as a mentor. "It is important to me to promote young scientists on their individual paths of life," says Lena Daumann.

The Ars legendi Mathematics and Science Faculty Award is given to scientists who excel in teaching, advising and mentoring through outstanding, innovative and exemplary achievements. The prize is awarded by the Stifterverband, the German Mathematical Society, the German Physical Society, the German Chemical Society and the Association of Biology, Biosciences and Biomedicine in Germany. The award has been presented since 2014 in the categories biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics and is endowed with 5,000 euros each.