Try out current research yourself: the school's lab has been successfully launched

Mar 28, 2018

Try out current research yourself: the school's lab has been successfully launched

Discover hidden worlds and participate in current research results: The first 17 school classes or nearly 400 students were able to do so in the LMUchemlab lab of the Department of Chemistry in March. The student laboratory on the topic of modern materials offers nanotechnological experiments for secondary education. By means of an atomic force microscope, e.g. Measured and characterized samples in the nanometer range. Another attempt involves the synthesis of colored silver nanoparticles in a floating drop of water. Subsequently, the use as well as the chances and risks of silver nanoparticles in everyday objects are discussed.

From autumn 2018, the offer will be supplemented by a bilingual program for upper secondary education.

The popularity of the new and free offer in the rooms specially made available at the Großhadern location is demonstrated by the daily inquiries from teachers in Munich and beyond the city limits. "In part, a journey of almost two hours is accepted, e.g. to arrive from Prien. The offer represents a novelty, because so far there was no chemical school lab in Munich " says Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Schwarzer, chemistry educator and initiator of the new program. "Accordingly, the student laboratory will be continued permanently after the Easter holidays. The next 20 school classes have already signed up, " Schwarzer said.

For the first time, 15 teaching students from the Department of Chemistry will have the opportunity in the coming summer semester to bring up-to-date scientific findings in microteaching situations to learners in a specially equipped seminar for the supervision of pupils in the student laboratory.

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