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Preparing for study abroad

Because of the manifold possibilities for studying abroad, we can not provide a comprehensive list of things to do to prepare yourself.
The following, however, can be taken as a general guide and a chronological list of steps that need to be taken.

  • Define the reason why you want to study abroad (to learn the language, to enrol in an academic program, to complete an internship or do research for your thesis? How does your plan fit in to your study program?).
  • How much time do you have at your disposal?
  • Which university do you plan to attend?
  • How will you finance your time abroad? If you need financial aid, the application process will take much longer!
  • Collect preliminary information at the Infothek, for example.
  • For further guidance, make an appointment with the Office of International Affairs (Referat für Internationale Angelegenheiten) or the LMU Career Service.
  • Contact the university you wish to attend, specifically, its International Office for general admission questions and the specific department to find out its requirements. If you are applying for financial aid, be sure to contact the university abroad very early.
  • Plan the required language- and other tests early. (Test centers can be booked out and the correction and transmission of the test grades can take several weeks.)
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  • Contact persons for references. (References are a part of many admissions procedures and of all financial-aid applications.) Persons who will write references should know you personally in order to write well-informed letters of recommendation. Ask for a reference early to avoid being pressed for time later. (Remember lecture-free periods and sabbaticals when professors may be absent.)
  • Discuss possible transfer credit with the Examinations Office or your Program Coordinator (Prüfungssekretariat bzw. Studienkoordinator).
  • Prepare your financial-aid application in advance (Deadlines are usually earlier than admission-application deadlines. You do not have to have been accepted to the university to submit your financial-aid application.)
  • Prepare the applications for admission to the universities of your choice
  • After acceptance, you must arrange a leave of absence (at the Registrar's Office), health insurance matters and a travel visa.

More detailed information can be found on the LMU web pages.