Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Transfer credits

1.) Transfer credit in pharmacy programs

The rules for transfer credit in pharmacy programs can be found in the corresponding study programs.

2.) Transfer credit in chemistry and biochemistry programs

If you have accumulated credits in chemistry, biochemistry or other natural sciences at another university or other program you can apply for transfer credit until the end of the 1st semester. A verification of the equivalency of the form, content and competences of past credit must be undertaken:

  • The granting of transfer credit depends on the outcome of an audit to certify that the university from which you are transferring is an accredited university. That is generally the case with German universities. Other schools of higher learning or foreign universities may require closer scrutiny.
  • If the school from which you are transferring is accepted, the contents of the courses that you attended there must be checked by our lecturers to see if they can be accredited here. No general decisions or statements can be made, since each case is conducted on an individual basis. It is important that you submit documentation that supports your application for credit, such as program syllabuses, course prerequisites and descriptions, transcripts, information on the length of the course (hours per week), etc. This will help us to get a definite picture of your academic accomplishments. Naturally, we also need official certification of your studies to date such as official grade transcripts and other academic documents, either as notarized copies or originals that we can copy and notarize if necessary. Your documents must be submitted together with a circulation slip (Laufzettel), available at the Office of Student Affairs (Prüfungsamt (F5.018)), which helps you to make sure that you've visited all the necessary offices for the submission of your application.

Here is what you need to do to apply for transfer credit:

The Office of Student Affairs (Studentensekretariat) is responsible for the granting of transfer credit and that is where the application process begins. (cf. contact points), There you will receive a circulation slip (Laufzettel). Take the "Laufzettel" to the lecturer in charge of granting credit transfer in your area of study. (Please do not go directly to the research group or lecturer without the "Laufzettel".) When the "Laufzettel" has been completed and transfer credit granted, it should be returned to the Office of Student Affairs. There, the "Laufzettel" will be forwarded to the Examination Committee (Prüfungsausschuss) for judgement.

The granting of transfer credit usually (depending on the number of credits granted) qualifies the student to be placed in a higher semester.

More information in the Office of Student Affairs (room F5.018).