Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

What happens after you graduate?

What happens after you graduate in Chemistry/Biochemistry?

Chemistry is a multi-sectional science since chemical processes and products influence almost all sectors of the economy. A chemist or biochemist can embark on a career in field-related areas such as research, production and management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or in more removed fields. The processing and automobile industries, public service institutions such as universities, museums, customs services or criminal investigation departments and even insurance companies and banks employ chemists. There are many opportunities for the self-employed in the areas of intellectual property (patents), chemical analysis, waste disposal and recycling.
Your broad education in chemistry and biochemistry will facilitate a quick specialization in the field of choice.

What happens after you graduate in Pharmaceutical Sciences?

A survey of thirty pharmaceutical companies revealed that there is a great need for junior staff members in this field. If you are aiming for a responsible position in the industry such as production manager or executive inspector or as a pharmaceutical researcher, we encourage you to complete a master's program.

What happens after you graduate from the pharmacy program?

On the strength of your broad education in the natural sciences, many professional fields are open to you as a graduate in pharmacy. If you don't plan to work in a public pharmacy, then a Ph.D. is often very advantageous.

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