Intranet Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Dr. David S. Stephenson (i.R.)


Dr. David S. Stephenson
Department Chemie
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Butenandtstr. 5-13, Haus F
81377 München

Phone +49 (0)89 2180-77649
Room-Nr. F0.052
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Research Interests

  • Development of Methods for Spectral Analysis

Short CV

  • 1971 BA, University of Cambridge, UK
  • 1975 PhD, University of Southampton, UK


Materialien zur Vorlesung Spektroskopie (in Kooperation mit Claudia Dubler, Passwort erforderlich).

Key publications

  • D. S. Stephenson and G. Binsch, "Iterative Computer Analysis of Complex Exchange-Broadened NMR Bandshapes" J. Magn. Reson. 1978 32, 145.
  • D. S. Stephenson and G. Binsch, "Automated Analysis of High-Resolution NMR Spectra I. Principles and computational Strategy" J. Magn. Reson. 1980 37, 395.
  • D. S. Stephenson, "Linear Prediction and Maximum Entropy Methods in NMR Spectroscopy" Prog. Nucl. Magn. Reson. Spectrosc. 1988 20, 515.