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Natural products - Making light do the work of intricarene synthesis

Dec 04, 2014

Intricarene was first isolated from a Caribbean coral. Now an LMU team has, for the first time, photochemically synthesized the compound in the laboratory, using levels of UV radiation like those that prevail in the coral’s natural habitat.

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High-energy materials - Safer, more stable, easier to store

Dec 01, 2014

LMU chemists have developed a new secondary explosive which has a significantly higher thermal stability than the commonly used pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) and is therefore easier and safer to handle.

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PHOENIX Pharmazie Wissenschaftspreis 2014

Nov 24, 2014

Die PHOENIX group hat am 6. November 2014 den mit insgesamt 40.000 Euro dotierten PHOENIX Pharmazie Wissenschaftspreis 2014 in Wien vergeben. Der Preis ist Teil der CSR-Aktivitäten der PHOENIX group und hat sich zu einem der renommiertesten deutschsprachigen Wissenschaftspreise entwickelt. Mit diesem Preis prämiert der führende europäische Pharmahändler seit fast 20 Jahren die besten wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten der universitären pharmazeutischen Grundlagenforschung im deutschsprachigen Raum.

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Hinter den Kulissen der Nanoforschung

Nov 05, 2014

Einblick in die Welt der Nanowissenschaften bietet der NanoDay am Samstag, 22. November 2014, von 10 bis 17 Uhr im Zentrum Neue Technologien (ZNT) des Deutschen Museums. Wissenschaftler des Nano-Exzellenzclusters NIM laden an vielen Ständen Groß und Klein zum Experimentieren ein und erklären ihre spannende Arbeit.

Sa., 22. 11. 2014, 10 bis 17 Uhr, Deutsches Museum

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Akademische Abschlussfeier des Departments für Pharmazie 2014

Oct 30, 2014

Im Rahmen der akademischen Abschlussfeier des Departments für Pharmazie zur Verabschiedung der Bachelor-, Master- und Staatsexamensstudierenden am 28.11.2014 findet die Verleihung des Herbert-Marcinek-Preises, des Daiichi Sankyo Master-Preises, des AbbVie-Promotionspreises und des Lesmüller-Preises der Dr. August und Dr. Anni Lesmüller-Stiftung statt.

Fr. 28.11.2014, 14:00 Uhr, Buchner-Hörsaal

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LMU und BASF schließen Patentkaufvertrag

Oct 28, 2014

Die LMU vereinbart bislang umfangreichsten Lizenzvertrag im Bereich der Proteinforschung: BASF kauft aussichtsreiche Patente für innovative Entwicklungen in der Biomedizin. Die LMU hat mit dem Unternehmen BASF SE einen Lizenzvertrag im Bereich neuer chemischer Methoden zur Modifizierung von Biomolekülen geschlossen, die am Exzellenzcluster Center for integrated Protein Science Munich (CiPSM) entwickelt wurden.

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Photopharmacology - Optical control of insulin secretion

Oct 14, 2014

LMU researchers have chemically modified an anti-diabetic agent so as to make its action dependent on light. The resulting prototype compound, termed JB253, induces release of insulin only when pancreas cells are exposed to blue light.

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Magnetic superconductor - Strange bedfellows

Oct 13, 2014

LMU chemists have synthesized a ferromagnetic superconducting compound that is amenable to chemical modification, opening the route to detailed studies of this rare combination of physical properties.

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Antibiotic resistance Bacterial defense policies

Oct 10, 2014

High-resolution cryo-electron microscopy has now revealed in unprecedented detail the structural changes in the bacterial ribosome which results in resistance to the antibiotic erythromycin.

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Cancer therapy - Driving cancer cells to suicide

Sep 30, 2014

LMU researchers report that a new class of chemical compounds makes cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapeutic drugs. They have also pinpointed the relevant target enzyme, thus identifying a new target for anti-tumor agents.

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Defective ion channel favors fatty liver

Aug 22, 2014

LMU pharmacology have proved that a defective ion channel contributes to the emergence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). In the long run, this opens up new therapeutic options.

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Novel recycling methods - The fluorescent fingerprint of plastics

Aug 20, 2014

LMU researchers have developed a new process which will greatly simplify the process of sorting plastics in recycling plants. The method enables automated identification of polymers, facilitating rapid separation of plastics for re-use.

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Metabolic disease - Unlocking a jammed ion channel

Aug 14, 2014

Mucolipidosis Type IV is a rare genetic disease which is caused by mutations in a single ion channel. LMU researchers have now developed a synthetic chemical that corrects the functional defects associated with a subset of these mutations.

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Pyrotechnics A greener green – on two counts

Jul 24, 2014

LMU chemists have developed a new formulation for the generation of green flames. Unlike conventional mixtures, the new blend of reactants is environmentally benign, and it produces a green flame of previously unattained purity.

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Photopharmacology - Lighting the way to the delta

Jul 21, 2014

The diuretic agent amiloride is used for the treatment of high blood pressure. LMU researchers have now synthesized a photosensitive version, which allows regulating the function of sodium-specific ion channels with light.

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Pyrotechnics A new blue-light-emitter for fireworks

Jul 10, 2014

Conventional fireworks and signal flares that emit a blue flame utilize toxic chemicals as a source of chlorine. Chemists at LMU have now developed the first chlorine-free formulation that emits blue light upon combustion.

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Energy-rich materials Safer substitute for lead azide

Jul 03, 2014

Lead azide, which is toxic, is a basic component of munitions and detonators. LMU chemists have now synthesized a novel primary explosive that contains no lead.

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Energy storage technology - More pores for more power

Jun 30, 2014

When can we expect to drive the length of Germany in an electric car without having to top up the battery? Chemists at the NIM Cluster at LMU and at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, have now synthesized a new material that could show the way forward to state-of-the-art lithium-sulfur batteries.

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Klausur- und Praktika-Anmeldungen

Jun 27, 2014

Ab sofort sind wieder Anmeldungen zu Klausuren und Praktika möglich. Weitere Informationen finden Sie
auf der Anmeldeseite. Beachten Sie bitte auch die Belegungsfunktion bei den Veranstaltungen im LSF!

LED phosphors - Better red makes brighter white

Jun 23, 2014

LMU chemists have developed a novel type of red phosphor material, which significantly enhances the performance of white-emitting LEDs.

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Heusler materials - Breakthrough for information technology

Jun 12, 2014

It is the breakthrough that physicists and chemists around the world have long anticipated and it will play a pivotal role in information technology in coming years. Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) have managed, for the first time, to directly observe the 100 percent spin polarization of a Heusler compound. The project was conducted in collaboration with theoretical physicists and chemists at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München and the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (MPI-CPfS) in Dresden.

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Campuslieferdienst – Der Aufsatzlieferdienst der LMU

Jun 04, 2014

Aufsätze aus Büchern und Zeitschriften der Universitätsbibliothek, als PDF direkt auf Ihren Rechner geliefert – diesen Service bietet die Universitätsbibliothek allen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern der LMU kostenlos an! Melden Sie sich dazu einfach im Online-Katalog (OPAC) mit der Kennung Ihres Bibliotheksausweises an und rufen Sie das gewünschte Buch oder die gewünschte Zeitschrift auf; wählen Sie dann unter „Bestellung / Verfügbarkeit“ die Option „Campuslieferdienst“. Der bestellte Aufsatz wird Ihnen innerhalb von drei Werktagen per Mail zugeschickt.

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Surface physics - Leaving the islands

May 28, 2014

In a recent study involving LMU researchers, the desorption of oxygen molecules from a silver surface was successfully visualized for the first time. The effects account for the shortcomings of conventional models of desorption.

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Stem-cell research - A new genetic switching element

May 21, 2014

Slight modifications in their genome sequences play a crucial role in the conversion of pluripotent stem cells into various differentiated cell types. An LMU team has now identified the factor responsible for one class of modification.

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DFG Research Unit - The dance of the electrons

May 09, 2014

A DFG Research Unit devoted to the study of electron transfer reactions with novel lasers, set up in 2011, has made significant contributions to bioinorganic chemistry. Funding for the collaborative venture has now been extended.

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Light waves allow preferred bond breaking in symmetric molecules

May 08, 2014

An international team of scientists discovered a new quantum control mechanism to selectively shake and break C-H bonds in symmetric hydrocarbon molecules with the waveform of femtosecond laser pulses.

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Viral infections - Identifying the tell-tale patterns

Apr 22, 2014

LMU researchers have identified the structural features that enable the innate immune system to discriminate between viral and endogenous RNAs in living cells.

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Refrigerant in cars - Refreshingly cool, potentially toxic

Apr 08, 2014

The refrigerant R1234yf is being considered for use in air conditioning systems in cars. LMU chemists now show that, in the event of a fire, it releases the highly poisonous carbonyl fluoride, and urge that its safety be reassessed.

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Optoswitches turn pain off and sight on

Feb 24, 2014

Photoreactive compounds developed by LMU scientists directly modulate nerve-cell function, and open new routes to the treatment of neurological diseases, including chronic pain and certain types of visual impairment.

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Schülerinfotag 2014

Feb 14, 2014

Am Freitag, den 21.02.2014 findet ein Schülerinfotag für alle an Chemie oder Pharmazie interessierten Schüler statt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf dieser Seite.

Fr, 21.02.14, Fakultät Chemie und Pharmazie

Wichtige Information der Universitätsbibliothek zum Zugriff auf elektronische Medien

Jan 07, 2014

Die Universitätsbibliothek bietet allen Mitgliedern der LMU Zugang zu einer Vielzahl elektronischer Medien (E-Zeitschriften, Datenbanken und E-Books). Um dieses Angebot nutzen zu können, ist eine Authentifizierung erforderlich.
Das bisherige Verfahren über einen Proxy-Eintrag im Browser war für die Nutzer relativ aufwendig und kompliziert. Daher wird die UB nach einer ausführlichen Testphase auf ein neues und einfacheres System umstellen, das ab Montag, den 3. Februar, unter dem Namen UB-E-Medien-Login (vormals Easy-Proxy) auf der Homepage der UB zu finden sein wird.

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