2.8 Creating User-defined Generic Groups

  1. Choose from the atom box : Generics... , and select a number
  2. Place the Gn-atom symbol in the structure you are drawing
  3. Draw the desired fragments for the generic group and select those fragments
  4. Press the -button and choose the number of the generic group

For fragments containing more than one atom you have to set attachment points:

  1. Click at that atom of the fragment by which it is to be attached to the parent structure (edit mode)
  2. Press the Attachments...-button in the atom dialog box
  3. Click the appropriate number(s)
  4. While defining a generic group the attachment points in the parent structure are displayed; otherwise they are not visible
To define a frequency click at the [Gn]:-symbol marking the generic group (edit mode) (see manual for details)


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