4 Display Hits

After performing a search open the Display Hits-Window by the -button


4.1 Customising the Display of the Hits with the View-Menu

Short/Full-Display (-button): changes between full and short display

Full display: each hit in its own window

  Identification: shows only Identification (IDE)-data of each hit
  All Fields: displays all available fields of each hit
  Hit Only: displays besides IDE-data only the data of the facts that have been searched for
  User View: shows only those fields that have been selected by the user (see Options-menu)

Short display: within one window up to sixteen hits are shown (see Options-menu 4.2)

  Structures Only: displays structure, molecular formula and BRN for each hit
  Facts Only: displays the BRN, Chemical Name and some field codes for each hit
  Structures and Facts: displays BRN, Chemical Name, structure and some field codes

Customization of the Hit Display applies to printing

Field Availability (-button): opens an additional window which shows the names and codes of all available fields including the number of occurences of each field for the current hit; you can browse the list and select a field by double click for immediate positioning in the main document.

Highlight Hit: highlights the data or (sub)structures that have been searched for

Include structure (-button): shows structures of the reactant(s) and product(s) for each displayed reaction as thumbnail sketches

Include Field Availability: displays a table of all available fields after the IDE-data for each hit

Preparation: Displays only those reactions in which the title compound is product of the reaction (applies only to graphical reactions)

Structure (-button): shows or hides an additional window with the molecular structure for each hit


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