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mVROC viscosimeter (RheoSense Inc.):

For viscosity measurement with a low volume consumption (V = 50- 100 µl).
Viscosity is a key parameter for high concentrated protein formulations or polymer solutions.

Zetasizer Nano ZS (Malvern Instruments)

Particle size measurement by dynamic light scattering (nanometer to low micrometer range).
Analysis of zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility using electrophoretic light scattering.

Headspace Karl- Fischer- Titrator (Analytik Jena):

Detemination of chemically bounded and free water in materials (water range: 0.01- 100 mg).
Key instrument to track the residual moisture in spray- dried or lyophilized formulations.

LA-950 Laser Particle Size Analyzer (Horiba)

Laser diffraction particle size distribution analysis (submicron and micrometer range).
Particle size measurements in aqueous media as well as in oily suspensions.

Dual-syringe-pump 100DX system (Teledyne Isco)

Mixing of two fluids at high pressure and flow rate up to 50 ml/minute.
Temperature controlled jacket and valve package for non-stop continuous flow.

FT-IR Spectrometer Bruker Tensor 27 IR Spectrometer with Hyperion microscope (Bruker Optics)

Determination of protein secondary structure by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.
ATR objective (20x) for the Hyperion microscope combines a visual sample inspection with highest sensitivity of the IR measurement.



Tensiometer, Keyence Digital Microscope,

QCM  Quartz Microbalance

IEF/SDS_PAGE, , MFI MicroFlowImaging, Light blockage particle counting, Cell Culture Equipment, 

Fluorimeter, Turbidimeter

UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

HLPC ( SE, RP, IEX, etc) > 6 systems)

IGA sorb, Film applicator system,

Spray dryer with inert loop (Büchi 290)Fluid bed dryer (Mini Glatt)

Texture Analyser

Viscosimeter (Stokes, Rotary

High pressure homogenizer, DSC (2), TGA

Cryo Mill, Planetary Mill, Hammer Mill

Ultrasonic Resonator, Fluorescence Microscope

Cascade Impactor, BET Specific Surface determination

Barley evaporative drying system

Light stability cabinet, Sonifier


AF2000 MultiFlow FFF (Postnova Analytics)

Asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (AF4) Platform for Separation of Proteins, Macromolecules and Nanoparticles.
PN3609 Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector for a precise and robust determination of molar mass and particle size. UV and RI Detectors for the determination of drug or protein concentration.

Freeze dryers (3)

Most common process for making solid protein pharmaceuticals.
Lyophilization is often used in terms of biopharmaceuticals, which are prone to denature or aggregate in a liquid formulation.

Langmuir Trough (Kibron Inc.)

Characterization of amphiphilic molecules at the air-water interface.
Used for monolayer formation and surface pressure measurements, as well as for creation and transfer of films to solid surfaces using Langmuir-Blodgett or Langmuir-Schaefer deposition technique.

MicroCal (µDSC)

Microcalorimetry is the gold standard method for thermal analysis of liquid protein formulations.
The obtained protein melting temperature and other thermodynamic parameters are indicative for the thermal stability of the protein.
A high thermal stability is beneficial for the development of therapeutic protein drugs.

SpeedMixer DAC 150.1 FV

The SpeedMixer™ DAC 150.1 FV is a centrifuge with two rotating axis in laboratory-size.
The axis are rotating in opposite directions which allows the rapid and homogenous mixing of materials.

Haake MiniLab Extruder

The Haake MiniLab extruder is for small sample volumes.
The systems is based on a twin-screw compounder with an integrated backflow channel and bypass valve enabling the recirculation of the melted sample.

Three Tec ZE-5 Mini-Extruder

The ZE-5 Mini-Extruder is a twin-screw extruder equipped with three heating zones, which can be regulated individually.
Due to the minimal screw diameters (5.0 mm), just very small substance volumes are needed.

Zytometer, Attune