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Benjamin Werner

Address Benjamin Werner
University of Munich
Department of Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmaceutics
Butenandtstr. 5-13
81377 Munich
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Research Interests
Quality improvement of liquid biotech drugs



Werner B., Winter G.
Particle contamination of parenteralia and in-line filtration of proteinaceous drugs.
2015, Int J Pharm 496, 250-267.


Poster Presentations

Werner B., Winter G.
In-line filtration of liquid biotech drugs – an easy approach to reduce the immunogenicity risk?
BioAnalytical & Formulation Congress, Berlin, Germany, September 15th – 16th 2015

Werner B., Winter G.
Contribution to immunogenicity risks: why not filter more protein drugs prior administration?
2015 Colorado Protein Stability Conference, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA, July 21st - 23 rd

Werner B., Winter G.
Issues on protein drug formulation filtration - Using in-line filters - Less convenience and slightly higher costs but less particle related risks
6thInternational Congress on Pharmaceutical Engineering, Graz, Austria, June 16th - 17th 2014

Werner B., Winter G.
Should filtration of liquid biotech drugs prior administration become a standard procedure?
9th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Lisbon, Portugal,
March 31st - April 3rd 2014


Oral Presentations

Werner B., Winter G.
Final bedside filtration of protein drug products
PDA Europe Conference Particles in Injectables, Berlin, Germany, September 10th – 11th 2015