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Zipse Group Members

Department Chemie, LMU München
Butenandstrasse 5-13, D-81377 München, Germany
Tel.: +49 89 2180 -xxxxx
Fax.: +49 89 2180 77738
or proprietary e-mail address

The Zipse group in May 2018


Who? What? Telephone? e-mail?
Sinjini Bhattacharjee summer intern -77730 sibhch
Harish PhD student -77731 harich
Julian Helberg PhD student -77797 juhech
Dr. Marta Marin-Luna post doc -77731 maarch
Stefanie Mayr PhD student -77730 staych
Benjamin Pölloth PhD student -77797 bepoch
Heena Ugale PhD student -77730 heugch
Dr. Davor Sakic visting senior scientist -77730 dasach
Hendrik Zipse Professor -77737 zipse