Installing, setting up software accounts

(smartphone instructions at the end)

(When you begin) There is an email you should be sent as a new group member containing logins for the AKT chemical inventory, the campuswide chemical search, proxy settings for your browser, AKT group server access, etc. Ask if you weren't sent it directly.

LMU Mail, CampusLMU, VPN, Eduroam, EZProxy... what now?

These are different accounts/authorisations that you will need to get at some point.

  • (Mail) when you arrive, you should get a computer printout with your mail account details, Scifinder registration, etc; Aleks has this (you'll also get your black transponder and the white access card with this), or else you can go get it at the computer service office (
    (a) Set up your mail account. Recommend: use Thunderbird or another mail client program to manage your email, and organise it with folders; the web-server system Roundcube sends emails which have ungainly formatting.
    (b) Also use this printout to register SciFinder (details on there).

  • (Intranet access) At the computer office at F0, bring down your laptop, and say what lab/office you are in. Your laptop will then be authorised for intranet from that building. Ask for several auths, if you swap buildings.

  • (Campus LMU account) This is a login system that you use to authenticate whenever you are outside the LMU intranet, and even sometimes from inside; you need this for VPN and Eduroam. Get a CampusLMU account ASAP!
    You have to email or else tel: 089 2180 3555. Say who you are and ask for a CampusLMU account. You are then emailed your username and an initial password, go and set your real password (suggest: use same as mail account).

  • (EZProxy) This lets you get papers from the LMU's subscriptions, from outside the LMU, with a single click. The EZProxy login also authenticates you as LMU from anywhere for other purposes. To setup and use EZProxy, see Felix's EZProxy tutorial.

  • (VPN) This is a connection system that allows you to send email by your LMU account even when outside LMU, without using Roundcube; and to authenticate as LMU from anywhere, eg. you can use it to log on to wireless internet from many hotspots in Munich that are connected with the university (hotspots called "lrz"). See the Software list and follow the link, to install the Cisco program. Apparently it is being phased out; but for now, get it.

  • (Eduroam) This is a wireless internet system that works worldwide. Any time you travel to another uni in the network, you can log on to their internet using your Eduroam account. You need to have your CampusLMU user/password done; then in the CampusLMU system you will see how to set up Eduroam (or, use Google). In brief:
    (a) go to the LMU Portal and login, following this ( - go Benutzerkonto and then Email Einstellungen and then copy all those details onto a file on your computer.
    (b) Your eduroam username looks like if your username in this box is pi12pik. The password is the same as usual.
    (c) then you can use this to log in with your laptop, phone, everything to the Eduroam network.

Smartphone setup - google it for detailed instructions

  • You'll need to have CampusLMU account, VPN details, Eduroam setup completed.
  • First, teach your smartphone to connect to the wireless internet here (eduroam and LRZ; different signal strength in different areas)
  • This may involve using the inbuilt VPN, and downloading those certificates again (see Cisco)
  • Then, connect to your mail account/s
  • then if you didn't do VPN yet, do it now
    iPhone and samsung both are fine without installing any new apps.