Known issues and workarounds for common software

Operating System issues

MAC Retina compatibility (see also -
- Office 2011: native Retina support is inside update 14.2.x or higher. go Help > Check for Updates, follow through.
- Office 2003 / 2007: update to 2011, or workaround: Retinizer - apparently good.
- Adobe Acrobat: Latest updates support Retina (>11.0.07).
- Mestrenova, ChemDraw don’t natively support Retina. workaround: Retinizer - fixes some text aspects, better than nothing.
- Endnote X7, MacPyMol, Vienna 3.0, all seem fine natively.

MAC Stability:
- Yosemite seems slow at the moment. Recommend: do not update your OS yet until it speeds up.
- ChemDraw 13 is very buggy esp. on Retina / Mavericks. Crashes; bad copy-paste handling. Update to ChemDraw 14 for better handling.

Turn off "funky graphics" if your computer is slowing down.
Turn off unwanted services, and wipe and reinstall your OS every 2-3 years for best results.
Don't use Microsoft Word (20 kB, crash-prone, long load time) where plain text (0.2 kB, instant load, compatible forever) will do.

  • If you spend time looking for an answer, remember not to look as "hard as you can" (applies even more to research than to computing stuff)...