5 Special Features

5.1 The File Menu (Loading, Saving, Printing...)

The menu File always refers to the task which is currently active

If you choose Print within the Commander, the current query will be printed; within the Structure Editor the molecule(s) drawn there will be printed and within the Display Hits window you will get a printout of the data displayed.

The same applies to the Save-command; saving within the Structure Editor saves a copy of the structure currently drawn, within the Commander the query (both structure and fact) will be saved and in the Display Hit window the current hitset is saved.


A hitset cannot be saved locally on the disk, it is always saved on the server. It is only valid for a current update of the database.
Queries are best saved from the Commander rather than from the Fact or Structure Editor


The current session is captured automatically as long as you are logged in. You can view former queries and hitsets by using the Hitset- or History-command:

History...: opens a window that contains all submitted queries, where you can browse and pick queries you want to use again.

Hitset...: opens a similar window with all retrieved hitsets

The command New should never be used within the Structure or Fact Editor!
  The command New within the Fact or Structure Editor opens a new window of the same application, but it is not connected to the Commander; the information stored there will not be transferred to the Commander.


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