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Functional Metal Organic and Covalent Organic Frameworks

The chemistry of porous crystalline solids has made a huge leap forward by the design of MOFs (Metal Organic Frameworks), ZIFs (Zeolitic Imidazole Frameworks), and COFs (Covalent Organic Frameworks), inspired by the concept of Reticular Chemistry and driven by quest for ever higher surface areas and porosities in crystalline microporous materials.
The frameworks are built up from organic "linkers" (COFs) and metal "nodes" (MOFs, ZIFs), the chemical diversity of which allows for a fine-tuning of the frameworks' chemical and physical properties by design. Thus, the tailored synthesis of inherently functional building blocks opens up avenues to novel framework materials not only with improved porosities and diverse framework topologies, but added functionality and improved gas storage and separation capacities.
Along these lines we are developing frameworks with enhanced property profiles featuring specific catalytical, optical, and sorption properties. The combination of high porosities and surface areas with distinct chemical functionality bodes well for the use of porous frameworks as gas storage materials, supported catalysts, and sensors.


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